Is it necessary to wear a helmet on road ?


Motorcycle helmets generally consist of 7 parts:

    Cap shell: The hard shell of the outermost layer of the helmet. In the event of an accidental collision, the cap is the first line of defense to protect the head from distracting the impact.

    Cap: The inner layer of foam inside the helmet. It is the second line of defense to protect the head. It is mainly used to absorb the impact and impact in accidents and reduce accidents.

    Buckle and cap strap (safety strap): used to secure the helmet position. The cap band is fixed under the ears on both sides, and the position of the buckle is fixed at the throat. Note: After the buckle is fastened, the space between the buckle and the throat should be 1 to 2 fingers, remember not to be too tight or too loose.

    Stoma: The stomata are designed to help the head dissipate heat and ventilate, ensuring dry hair during long-distance riding. The more stomata, the cooler the rider will feel, but the lower the relative safety factor. Generally choose a helmet with the right amount of air holes.

    Knob: There is a knob on the rear of the motorcycle helmet to adjust the tightness. The driver can adjust the size of the helmet according to the size of his head.

    Pad: The pad absorbs sweat and a small amount of shock from the body during riding.